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New Jersey Governor Signs Hearth Specialist Legislation into Law

Breaking News!
The New Jersey “Master Hearth Specialist” License
Is Now Available & Being Issued


The New Jersey Master Hearth Specialist committee has approved and released the application for licensure as well as the application to act as a NJ Licensed Master Hearth Specialist Bona fied representative.   Apply Today!

Word of Advice - Get NFI Certified ASAP. Time is short. Do not delay.If you are not certified as an NFI Master Hearth Professional (MHP) it is time to get moving. You cannot apply for your MHS License without your NFI MHP Certification.

Keep in mind – An MHS License will be required to do Hearth Professional Work in the State of New Jersey in the very near future. If you are not licensed, you cannot do “Hearth Professional Work”.

The MHS Law States:  A person shall not work as a master hearth specialist or use the title or designation of “licensed master hearth specialist” or “master hearth specialist” unless issued a license pursuant to the provisions of the Master Hearth Specialist Bill.

What is a NJ Licensed, "Master Hearth Specialist" ?  “Licensed Master Hearth Specialist” means a person who holds a current, valid license to engage in “Hearth Professional Work” pursuant to the provisions of this bill.

What is "Hearth Professional Work" ?  “Hearth Professional Work” means the installation, replacement, connection, venting, inspection, repair, maintenance, or servicing of:

  • Hearth Product Appliances
  • Barbecue Appliances
  • Outdoor Patio Appliances
  • Decorative Space Heater Appliances

Hearth Professional Work Includes: “Hearth Professional Work” shall include the installation, inspection, repair, or servicing of:

  • Vent & Vent Connectors
  • Masonry Chimneys
  • Metal & Factory Built Chimneys & Vent Systems
  • Natural or Manufactured Gas Piping on the load side of the meter.


For more information Contact:

MAHPBA’s Government Affairs Chair: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

MAHPBA’s Executive Director: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Phone: (804) 643-4433  Ext. 6 or

MHS Executive Director: Susan Rischawy  Phone: (973) 504-6230